California Beer Bill Round-Up: 2015

With a new year has come some proposals for new beer legislation. I’ll track and describe proposed laws here.

AB 774: Currently, brewers can apply get a permit to sell beer at farmer’s markets, but they can’t offer tastes as winemakers can. This bill would extend permits to allow brewers to offer tastes of their product. The privilege would apply only when the brewer is located in the same county as the farmer’s market, or in a county adjacent to that county. The Sacramento Bee describes the proposal in a recent article.

SB 327: Relates to restrictions on Sunday beer deliveries. For holders of a picnic/social gathering license for sale of beer & wine, the bill would allow beer wholesalers to deliver beer on Sundays.

ACR 32: This Assembly Concurrent Resolution was originally proposed as a continuation of the prior years’ “California Craft Beer Month.” A recent amendment has it changed to “California Craft Beverage Month.” The “whereas” clauses now include not only statements about craft beer’s impact on the California economy, but also statements about small wine and spirits manufacturers’ impact. Thus, it is a more inclusive month this year. Hooray for craft beverages!